A Visual Diary

Hi there,

I just wanted to share a little bit of the drawing I have been doing recently.  This all started with an online workshop I participated in hosted by The Believer Magazine and led by Teresa Wong.  In that workshop we focused on drawing mundane objects around us.  It was a helpful way to ground myself: to stop overthinking and just start drawing.  Teresa gave us a few ideas for prompts to follow and I decided to draw “Things I didn’t expect to need in lockdown”… which for me ended up being mugs!  I drink so much coffee, tea, and hot chocolate throughout the day (and don’t run the dishwasher very often) so I have found myself running out of mugs quite frequently (even though I have A TON).

more mugs all square reduced

For a few days after the workshop I decided to keep a visual diary of sorts, a drawn catalog of the things I did each day.  It was an interesting and enjoyable exercise, even when I wasn’t necessarily doing much with my days.  The most helpful thing about it, however, was that it helped to get my hand moving and my mind flowing, so that I could also more easily work on other creative endeavors.  That workshop was a few weeks ago and I have since moved on to some other drawing exercises and projects, but I am happy to have this one tucked away in my napsack.  I am sure I’ll return to it in the future!

Thanks again to Teresa for leading that workshop!

Feel free to check out the images below of the visual diary entries, as well as the YouTube video of the workshop!

Much love,


what i did today coffee reduced



things i did at my parents


what i did today reduced





    1. megan

      It seems like moving my body is consistently my easiest path to creativity – going on walks, stretching, yoga, dancing, finger painting… I definitely recommend revisiting drawing/coloring/doodling if you’re ever in need of some creative rejuvenation! 🙂

      (thanks for reading and engaging!)

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