Families, Families Everywhere!

Explore the vast and varied world of families, the differences that make each one unique, and the things that bring them all together!  Celebrate diversity with love and acceptance.

This book touches on a wide range of topics including: same-sex parents, single parents, step-families, vegetarians, working moms, stay-at-home dads, adoption/fostering, inter-racial families, home schooling, and differing beliefs.

Hey there everyone,

I have some exciting news! If you haven’t heard, Families, Families Everywhere was successfully funded through Kickstarter (thank you so very much to all of my backers and supporters!) and is now available for purchase!

both books

There are both hardback and paperback copies available for this book and each version has its advantages.  The hardback version looks great on a bookshelf, has the title on the spine for easy identification, a matte cover, and is more durable.  The paperback version is also well-made, has a glossy cover, and is more affordable. There are a couple different places you can find Families, Families Everywhere online, but if you want an autographed copy, be sure to order it through Etsy!

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Buy your copy here!

This book would be a wonderful addition to any home or bookshelf!  Treat yourself and buy a copy for someone you know!  Especially great as a gift for a child, teacher, or daycare worker.  Donate one to your local library, elementary school, or children’s museum.  Spread the love and help to raise a generation of thoughtful, kind, loving, and inclusive humans!





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Barnes & Noble 

Additionally, ratings and reviews are incredibly helpful, so if you have a second to leave one it would be greatly appreciated!  (Goodreads is an awesome place for that!)

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Update: Author Read Aloud!

I decided to make a video of me reading Families, Families Everywhere!  Hope you like it and share it with a little one in your life!


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