Personal Art Archive

Hello friends!
Today’s post is going to be filled with some drawings/paintings/collages I have come across while attempting to document a bunch of old work. For anyone out there who is trying to balance doing the work with documenting the work, I think you’ll understand how quickly one can fall behind on this! Even working a desk job, there’s always that the to-be-filed pile that can stack up if you’re not careful. Having organized records and a comprehensive archive is super important though, and can make so many tasks easier down the road (like putting together blog posts updates! Or pulling together a work sample.)

To any of you artists, makers, and creatives out there, I’m curious how you all deal with this? Do you digitize the things you make? How often do you back up your files? Do you file chronologically or categorically?

Anyway, enough chit chat. Here are just a few of the things I found that I thought might be worth sharing. 🙂

High School Acrylics

Sketches, Doodles, Etc.

Unfinished Ideas

An unfinished comic from years ago.
An unfinished zine idea for ways I’ve tried to cope with feeling unmotivated.

I’ve scanned and photographed a whole bunch of other things but am going to hold off sharing them for now… (some are too personal, some are too unfinished, some will be a surprise for later) But if you are curious to see more, feel free to follow my blog so you get updates when I post in the future!

You guys are great, thanks for being here!

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