The Setazura Prophecy

Exciting illustration news! After many months of secretive sketching and occasional hint-dropping, I am happy to announce that Ethan Desmond’s debut novel, The Setazura Prophecy, is available for pre-order! This fantasy novel not only contains a cast of budding warriors going on a thrilling adventure, but also 10 illustrations, plus cover art, all drawn by yours truly.

Reserve your copy now, signed by Ethan, by visiting

On the world of Kioku, one’s Animal Sign is their connection to the gods and the source of their powers, known as Tarots. However, those born under the Signs of Great Cats are feared not only for their powerful Tarots, but also for their connection to the demon god, Setazura. It is said that Great Cat Signs have the power to summon Setazura back to Kioku, bringing about the end of time. But one young boy, Neko, believes that he is the exception to this curse and, despite his Great Cat Sign, he is not the evil that others think him to be.” (link)

I had such a wonderful time working on these illustrations! Besides my own books and my architecture thesis, this is the largest creative pursuit I have taken on to date and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to help bring The Setazura Prophecy to life. Ethan was wonderful to collaborate with and was so supportive throughout the entire process. An artist and creator himself, he gave me an ample amount of creative freedom, yet was also always willing to provide feedback. In addition to the book, check out his music, if you have the chance.

Stay tuned for additional illustrations, behind-the-scenes sketches, and more!

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